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Pyrethroid Agricultural Insecticides Bifenthrin 97% TC / 2.5% EC CAS 73748-7

Pyrethroid Agricultural Insecticides Bifenthrin 97% TC / 2.5% EC CAS 73748-7

  • Pyrethroid Agricultural Insecticides Bifenthrin 97% TC / 2.5% EC CAS 73748-7
Pyrethroid Agricultural Insecticides Bifenthrin 97% TC / 2.5% EC CAS 73748-7
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Averstar
Certification: COA, MSDS
Model Number: 97% TC, 2.5% EC
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: aluminium foil bag
Delivery Time: 15-30 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10000kg/month
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Detailed Product Description
CAS No.: 83322-02-5 MF: C23H22ClF3O2
Molecular Weight: 422.87 Density: 1.262
Classification: Pyrethroid Insecticides Melting Point: 68~70.6℃
High Light:

most effective insecticide


plant safe insecticide

Agricultural Insecticides pyrethroid insecticides Bifenthrin 97% TC, 2.5% EC




Usage method


1. prevention and control of cotton pests

(1) Control of Helicoverpa armigera: spraying 10% bifenthrin EC 23-40 ml per mu to water 50-60 kg at the hatching stage of eggs, the effect of insecticidal and bud-preserving was good within 7-10 days. This dose can also be used to prevent pink bollworm. The suitable period for control is second and third generation eggs hatching period, 2 times for each generation.

(2) Control of cotton leaf mites: the adult and nymph mites occurring period of pesticides, each mu with 10% EC 30-40 ml spraying water 50-60 kg, residual period of 12 days or so, and can also control cotton aphids, bridgeworms, leaf rollers, thrips, etc. (if used exclusively for the control of cotton aphids, the dose can be reduced by half).


2. prevention and control of fruit pests

(1) Controlling peach carnivorous insects: when the rate of eggs and fruits reached 0.5%-1%, spraying with 3 300-4 000 times of 10% bifenthrin EC. Spraying 3~4 times in the whole season can effectively control its harm and its residual effect is about 10d.

(2) Control of apple leaf mites: before or after blossom, adult and nymph mites occurring period, when the average of two mites per leaf, spraying with 10% EC 3 300-5 000 times. In the case of low mite density, the residue period is 24 ~ 28d. It can also be used to control leaf moths and red leaf mites of other fruit trees.


3. prevention and control of vegetable pests

(1) Control of whitefly: In the early stage of whitefly occurrence, when the population density was not high (about 2 pests per plant), the dosage was 2-2.5 g of water 50 kg per mu for cucumber and tomato cultivated in greenhouse, 2.5-4 g of water 50 kg per mu for open field, and the damage could be effectively controlled within 15 days. When the density of insects is high, the same dosage is not effective.

(2) Control of vegetable aphids: spraying 10% bifenthrin EC 3 000-4 000 times at the occurrence stage can control the damage and the residual period is about 15 days. This dose can also control many kinds of leaf eating pests such as Pieris Pieris, Plutella xylostella, etc.




Matters needing attention


1. Applying the pesticides uniformly and thoughtfully, reducing the dosage and frequency of use as far as possible, and rotating with organophosphorus and organic nitrogen pesticides as possible, so as to slow down the production of resistance.


2, lower air temperature can play a more effective role, so it is recommended to use the drug in the two quarter of spring and autumn.


3, the daily intake of human body (ADI) is 0.04 to 0.05mg/kg of body weight.




Product Name Bifenthrin
CAS No. 73748-7
Content & Formulations 97%TC,2.5%EC,10%EC, 5%SC
Physical & Chemical Property

Appearance:White Opaque Liquid

Molecular Formula: C23H22ClF3O2

Structural Formula:

Pyrethroid Agricultural Insecticides Bifenthrin 97% TC / 2.5% EC CAS 73748-7 0

Molecular Weight: 422.9

Solubility: In water 0.1 mg/l; Bifenthrin is soluble in methylene

chloride, acetone, chloroform, ether and toluene. It is slightly

soluble in heptane and methanol

Density: 8.48 lbs/gal (1.016 gm/cm3)

Melting Point: 68-71°C

Boiling Point: 744.4°C at 760 mmHg

Flash Point: 148.8°C


Toxicity Data

Dermal LD50:>2000 mg/kg (rabbit)

Oral LD50:>500 mg/kg (rat)

Inhalation LC50:>10 mg/L/1 hr(rat)

Crops Target Pets Dosage Method
Tea Plant Tea leafhopper 30-37g/Ha Spray
Cotton Cotton bollworm 37.5-45g/Ha Spray
Apple Tree Peach fruit borer 16.7-25mg/kg Spray


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