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286.06℃ Boiling Point Plant Growth Regulators Daminozide Inhibitor Prevents Cell Division

286.06℃ Boiling Point Plant Growth Regulators Daminozide Inhibitor Prevents Cell Division

    • 286.06℃ Boiling Point Plant Growth Regulators Daminozide Inhibitor Prevents Cell Division
  • 286.06℃ Boiling Point Plant Growth Regulators Daminozide Inhibitor Prevents Cell Division

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    Certification: COA, MSDS
    Model Number: COA, MSDS

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    Detailed Product Description
    CAS No.: 1596-84-5 MF: C6H12N2O3
    Molecular Weight: 160.17 EINECS No.: 216-485-9
    Melting Point: 162-164 °C Boiling Point: 286.06°C
    High Light:

    plant growth hormones


    root growing hormone

    Plant Growth Regulators Daminozide inhibitor Prevents cell division and inhibits cell elongation, Dwarf seedlings


    Plant growth regulator


    Butyrylhydrazine is an inhibitor of plant growth regulators. It was developed by American rubber company in 1962. Its function is to prevent cell division, inhibit cell elongation, dwarf seedlings, improve drought resistance of peanut, make many fruit trees blossom ahead of time, improve fruit setting rate and prevent fruit drop before harvest. Butyrylhydrazine, absorbed by plants, can inhibit the biosynthesis of endogenous gibberellin and the synthesis of endogenous auxin in plants. Its main function is to inhibit the elongation of new shoots, shorten internode length, increase leaf thickness and chlorophyll content, prevent and control falling flowers, promote fruit setting, induce adventitious root formation, stimulate root growth, and improve cold resistance. Power.


    Butyrylhydrazine enters the body through the roots, stems and leaves of plants. It has good absorption and conductivity. Butyrylhydrazine can be transferred to the functional parts with nutrient flow. In leaves, Butyrylhydrazine can make palisade tissue elongate, spongy tissue loose, increase chlorophyll content and enhance photosynthesis of leaves. At the top of the plant, mitosis of apical meristem can be inhibited. The stem spacing can shorten the internode distance and inhibit the elongation of branches. Ding Xianjing is a broad-spectrum and suitable plant growth regulator.


    In the late 1980s, it was suspected that it had teratogenic effect, and some countries had banned or restricted it. In 1992, the World Health Organization reassessed that unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (asymmetrical dimethylhydrazine), the hydrolysate of butyrylhydrazine, could be used less than 30 mg/kg. However, it should be noted that the crops harvested in the near future should not be used, and should not eat fruit and other agricultural products which have just been treated with medication, it is better not to use them on vegetables.



    Usage method


    Butyrylhydrazine, also known as longer, is a low toxic plant growth regulator, can be used as dwarfing agents, Fruit-setting agents, rooting agents and preservatives.


    Spraying 1000-2000 mg/L of liquid medicine on the whole plant three weeks after blooming can inhibit shoot growth, benefit fruit setting and promote fruit coloring, and spraying 2000-4000 mg/L liquid medicine on the whole plant 45-60 days before harvest can prevent fruit falling before harvest and prolong the storage period.


    Spraying 1 000-2 000 mg/liter of medicinal liquid on 6-7 leaves of grape shoots once can inhibit shoot growth and promote fruit setting; soaking 3-5 minutes with 1 000-2 000 mg/liter of medicinal liquid after harvest can prevent dropping and prolong storage period.


    Peach is sprayed with 1000~2000 mg / L of liquid before maturity, increasing coloring and promoting early maturing.

    Two weeks after flowering and three weeks before harvest, the pear was sprayed with 1000-2000 mg/L liquid to prevent young fruit and fruit drop before harvest.


    Spraying potatoes with 3000 mg/L solution two weeks after blooming inhibits shoot elongation and promotes tuber expansion.

    Spraying 2000-4000 mg/L of liquid medicine twice a week after flowering can promote coloring, early ripening and even fruit.

    Peanuts sprayed at 1000~1500 mg / L of liquid during the needling period, dwarfing plants and increasing yield.


    Strawberries were sprayed 2~3 times with 1000 mg / L of liquid after transplantation, which could promote fruit setting and increase yield.


    After chrysanthemum transplanting, spray 2~3 times with 3000 mg / L of liquid, dwarfing plants and increasing flowers.

    Ginseng grown for 2-3 years sprayed once with 2000-3000 mg/L solution to promote the growth of underground parts.

    The cuttings of chrysanthemum, poinsettia, carnation, camellia and grape were soaked in 5000-10000 mg/L solution for 15-20 seconds to promote the rooting of cuttings.


    Product name
    Plant growth regulator Daminozide
    General info
    Function: Plant Growth Regulator
    Specification: 98% TC, 92% SP, 85% WDG, 80% WP
    CAS: 1596-84-5
    High effective agrochemical
    The oral LD50 for daminozide in rats is 8,400 mg/kg, and in mice is 6,300 mg/kg.
    Its dermal LD50 on rabbits is > 1600 mg/kg. The inhalation LC50 in rabbits
    is > 147 mg/l
    1. Promote to take root and cut for flowering plants and increase the survival rate.
    2. inhibit excessive stem growth and induce the dwarf and strong plant.
    Flowering plants: Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Camellia and so on.
    To produce more compact(by inhibition of internodal elongation)of chrysanthemums, azaleas, hydrangeas, poinsettias, and other ornamentals.Applied at 0.106-0.425kg/ha


    286.06℃ Boiling Point Plant Growth Regulators Daminozide Inhibitor Prevents Cell Division 0

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