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Thiodicarb 375g/L SC Dicarbamate Insecticide for Controlling Corn Earworm in Cotton Crops

Thiodicarb 375g/L SC Dicarbamate Insecticide for Controlling Corn Earworm in Cotton Crops

  • Thiodicarb 375g/L SC Dicarbamate Insecticide for Controlling Corn Earworm in Cotton Crops
Thiodicarb 375g/L SC Dicarbamate Insecticide for Controlling Corn Earworm in Cotton Crops
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: Averstar
Model Number: 375g/L SC
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Price: $1.00 - $50.00/liters
Packaging Details: 100ml/250ml/500ml bottle
Supply Ability: 10000 Liter/Liters per Month
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Detailed Product Description
Classification: Nematicide PD No.: 59669-26-0
CAS No.: 59669-26-0 Other Names: Larvin
MF: C10H18N404S3 EINECS No.: 59669-26-0
State: Liquid Purity: 375g/L SC
Application: Insecticide Prevention And Treatment: Cotton Bollworm
Crop: Cotton Port: Shanghai

thiodicarb 375g/L SC Dicarbamate insecticide kill corn earworm, Better quick-acting, Longer duration


Product performance 

Thiodicarbamate is a dicarbamate insecticide with stomach toxicity and contact killing effects. It has good quick-acting and long-lasting effects. It can inhibit cholinesterase in insects, kill insects and effectively control cotton bollworm.


Matters needing attention

1. Thiodicarb can not be mixed with alkaline and strong acidic pesticides (pH > 7.5 or pH < 3.07), nor can it be mixed with manganese and zinc manganese.

2. When using, attention should be paid to keeping away from ponds, rivers, etc. The remaining medicinal liquid should not be poured into rivers, and the medicinal equipment should not be washed in ponds.

3. Protective appliances should be worn to prevent inhalation of the liquid through the mouth and nose. Hands, faces and contaminated parts of the body should be cleaned after application.

4. The safety interval is 21 days. Use it three times a season at most.

5. It is suggested to use pesticides alternately with other mechanisms of action.

6. Pregnant women and lactating women should avoid exposure to the drug.

7. Packages should be buried deep away from water sources, and should not be discarded at will, nor should they be filled with other pesticides and food.


First aid for poisoning

The symptoms of poisoning were dizziness, headache, fatigue, paleness, vomiting, sweating, salivation, narrowing of pupils and blurred vision.

In severe cases, blood pressure drops, unconsciousness, contact dermatitis such as rubella, local redness, swelling and itching, conjunctival congestion, tearing, chest tightness, dyspnea, etc.

Poisoning symptoms occur quickly, usually within minutes to an hour.

If inhaled carelessly, the patient should be moved to a ventilated place. Contact skin or splash eyes carelessly. Rinse with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.

The patients were taken orally or intramuscularly with atropine 0.5-2 mg, and the patients with severe cases were given adrenaline. Phosphodine, chlorophosphonidine, diphosphate and are forbidden.


Storage and transportation

Store in places not accessible to children and lock them. Do not store with food, feed, seeds, etc.

Storage and transportation, moisture-proof and sunshine, avoid contact with skin and eyes, prevent nose and mouth inhalation.

Packages should be stored in ventilated, dry and rain-proof warehouses.

Before transportation, check wh the packing container is complete and sealed.

During transportation, ensure that the container does not leak, collapse, fall or damage.


Use of technology and methods

Crops (or ranges)Target of prevention and controlDosage of preparationUsage method
cottonBollworm75-90 ml/muspray

1. Drugs were applied before the eggs of Helicoverpa armigera hatched at the peak or the young larvae bored. Spray evenly on water 50-60 kg / mu. Depending on the occurrence of insect pests, pesticides can be applied once every 7-10 days, and 2-3 times continuously.

2. Do not apply medicine on windy days or rain within one hour.




Thiodicarb 375g/L SC Dicarbamate Insecticide for Controlling Corn Earworm in Cotton Crops 0

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